Automation & drives

Automation technology is much more important today than it was 10 to 15 years ago. Jagenberg Paper Systems is an ideal partner when it comes to replacing or enhancing automation and drive technology. In connection with our mechanical engineering and technology expertise, we can guarantee a smooth start to production of systems after retrofitting.

Modern types of automation systems offer new features that go well beyond the functional sequence control and therefore make production processes faster, more efficient and safer. Jagenberg Paper Systems shows you possibilities of how you can optimise the performance of your system. Through:

  • A completely integrated operating and information interface
  • The integration of faster regulation processes and the direct connection to intelligent modules
  • A reduction of interfaces between control systems due to greater CPU performance
  • The integration of personal and machine safety in one and the same control system, without additional separate hardware
  • Far-reaching trending and reporting function

Unlike durable mechanical engineering components, automation systems are subject to other mechanisms and maintenance criteria. In order to ensure the smoothest possible and continuous availability of your production systems, you should help yourself to our retrofit product range in terms of automation, especially if:

  • Components are no longer available on the market
  • The functionality of your system is to be expanded, the quality of your products is to be improved, or the productivity is to be increased
  • The latest safety criteria must be implemented