Satisfied customer in Austria: Successful implementation of the new control for sheeter 27 at Sappi Gratkorn

Jagenberg Paper Systems GmbH has received the order from Sappi Austria Produktions-GmbH & Co. KG to supply a new control system for the Jagenberg/Bielomatik "QS 27" sheeter 27 at the Gratkorn mill and to implement further optimization measures on the sheeter. The QS 27 is a fully automated and high-tech sheeter that is one of the most productive sheeters in the world. JPS successfully delivered this order together with its sister company Lebbing.

In the course of the rebuild, the technology computer and controls, the system operation and visualization, as well as the switchgear of the main drives were replaced. The functionalities of the technology computer (counting and dragging, drive control of the directly driven cross cutter, sheet separating car, locks and switch control) were shifted to the machine control system. In addition, the web edge control system was renewed and brought up to the state of the art.
The aim was to optimize operation, ensure safe and reliable production, guarantee the supply of spare parts for the installed components, improve technical support and eliminate proprietary electronics (black boxes).
These goals were achieved to Sappi's complete satisfaction after installation and commissioning as well as a corresponding extensive test phase.

"It was a great challenge, which we mastered thanks to a great team effort. The Technical Department, Production and Jagenberg Paper Systems worked together with the project team in the best possible manner.
This is the only way to retrofit such a complex machine in this time.
The performance was very quickly at a very good level..." explains Christoph Windisch, project manager at Sappi.

Sappi is a leading global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions, in the fields of dissolving wood pulp, printing papers, packaging and speciality papers, casting and release papers, biomaterials and bio-energy..
The plant in Gratkorn, Austria, produces high-quality, multi-coated paper that is used for high-quality publications around the world.

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