Roll handling

In every paper factory, the finished paper is wound onto a reel behind the paper machine. It is then cut longitudinally and in several sections into customer-specific rolls and wound onto cores for further processing in printing shops and on sheeters. From the rolls, the actual dimensions (weight, width and diameter) must be determined and assigned to the customer orders.

The ink jet imprint and/or labels, sometimes with RFID technology, are clearly marked on the rolls. In the paper factory, the rolls are usually transported “raw” (without packaging). This transport must be done carefully so as not to damage the layers of paper. For transport outside of the paper factory, the rolls are placed on lorries using clamp forklifts and packaged for weather resistance.

We offer the following services for optimisation, performance enhancement and modernisation:

  • System optimisation, such as cycle time and process optimisation as well as optimisations in logistics
  • Converting control systems from S5 or other control systems to S7
  • Profi Bus or Profi Net
  • These applications can be designed with a fail-safe control due to the growing safety requirements
  • Update of operating consoles
  • Conversion of applications on a PC basis, ProTool, WinCC Flexible or other visualisations on TIA portal
  • Conversion of the communication platform from PC or other platforms to S7 (TCP/IP communication)
  • Integration of handling machines or industrial robots for inner/outer plate handling as well as for the application of labels of any kind
  • Integration of ink jet applications using handling machines or industrial robots
  • Integration of barcode scanners for the optimisation of procedures
  • Careful roll unloading on winders based on actual roll dimensions (coupling between RSM and RTS)
  • Automatic separation of rolls behind a dual bearer drum winder (coupling between RSM and RTS)
  • Contact-free width measurement with an accuracy of <=2 mm
  • Roll tracking, data handling in the PLC
  • Integration of safety sensors (surface scanners) during transport into / out of hazardous areas
  • Retrofitting drive components on Siemens Sinamics
  • Expansion of transport components (roll ejector, roll receiver, ramps, sheet conveyors, turning devices, etc.)