What does retrofit mean?

As an engineering service provider, we completely convert machines in the paper industry or optimise their main components. We call this “retrofitting”. Because technologies develop quickly. This is a tremendous challenge for companies in the paper industry. To be competitive, your systems therefore need to operate as efficiently as possible. New technologies are indispensable for this, but new machines are usually not necessary.

For us, retrofitting does not just mean a “rejuvenation” for rollers, reels or control systems. We consider retrofitting to be a holistic concept, a “retreading process” to give paper processing machines a second life. We thus contribute to resource conservation and cost efficiency, because retrofitting is usually a real alternative to purchasing a new machine.

We take care of the mechanics and technology as well as the automation of your machine(s) and equip them with the latest automation, drive and safety technology. We maintain and modernise calenders, sheeters and winder machines, replace pneumatics and hydraulics and advise you on how to optimise the servicing and modernisation processes in your company. Furthermore, we also train the operating personnel.