Cutting and winding the parent rolls that are generated in the machine into narrower rolls suitable for further processing is still the most undervalued step in the paper production chain. We realised this at an early stage and focused our efforts on the optimisation of winders. For without this intermediate step, not a single tonne of the expensively generated paper or cardboard would leave the paper factory. That is why winders have to operate reliably 365 days a year around the clock and continuously ensure the quality requirements for the products.

The pressure of competition and cost in the paper industry is tremendous. That is why it makes sense to optimise existing systems in order to either increase the production performance or to switch over to products that are more profitable. Especially with the winders, there are frequently production bottlenecks and poorer roll quality. In addition, the winders are only very rarely shut down for maintenance and cleaning purposes due to the pressures of production. This results in the machines often failing without warning or wearing faster.